Instructions for Assembly
Posted by Furniture In Fashion on 01 September 2014 05:14 PM

Instructions for Assembly for a large item

1. We strongly advise that when assembling large or long pieces of furniture that you do not assemble the item alone. You will need two people for this procedure so that the weight is evenly distributed and the item is being handled with care. The chance of damaging the product using this method as suggested by manufactures will decrease the chances of anything being damaged. The chances of the product being fitted and aligned correctly using two people will increase the quality of the structure and stability. The long or large items will break if they are handled by ONE person, as the large piece of furniture will crack or get damaged, bend or shatter as the weight is not evenly distributed.

2. Assemble the item upside down with two people otherwise the furniture will break or crack due to the size of the object.

3. Do not drag the item as this will definitely damage or de-assemble the item and we will not take liability for this.

4. Read the instructions and do not attempt to assemble alone. If you do not follow the instructions the result of this could be that the furniture will not hold its structure or design and will become unstable. We will not take liablity for any damage and poor construction. Furthermore we will check the assembly through either images or an assembly specialist who will inspect the goods to determine if the instructions were followed or not. 

5. If it is deemed that the furniture has been assembled incorrectly we will not accept liability for this. 

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